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 *** מכירת חמץ***

The Rov שליט"א will be available for מכירת חמץ from Sunday ב' ניסן  (April 3rd) until Wednesday (April 13th) before ערב פסח (April 15th).

Please fill out the attached form (here) and bring it to the Rov at your convenience. The Rov can be reached at (773) 339-2375.

To donate for מכירת חמץ (for the Rov), please click here.



Maos Chitim

*** מעות חטים ***

The Rov שליט"א is collecting funds for
מעות חטים to be distributed to those in our
community who are in need. To make a tax deductible contribution, either

  • click here to make an online donation for Maos Chitim,
  • or make a payment via Zelle with Please type "Maos Chitim" in the memo,
  • or mail a check to:
    6757 N. Richmond St. Chicago IL 60645. Please make out the check to Cong. Khal Chasidim, and write "Maos Chitim" in the memo line.

Thank You!

Tizku Limitzvos!


Sun, October 1 2023 16 Tishrei 5784